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How to install SpagoBI in linux

SpagoBI is an Open Source Business Intelligence suite, belonging to the free/open source SpagoWorld initiative, founded and supported by Engineering Group. It offers a large range of analytical functions, a highly functional semantic layer often absent in other open source platforms and projects, and a respectable set of advanced data visualization features including geospatial analytics.

This article explains the steps to configure SpagoBI in linux server.

Step1: Install java (openjdk)

Step2: Download SpagoBI package


Step3: Extract the downloaded file


Step4: Assign execute permissions to script files

#cd SpagoBI-Server-5.0-16092014/bin

#chmod +x *.sh

#cd ../database

#chmod +x *.sh

Step5: Open server.xml file under conf directory and add IPaddress instead of localhost to access the URL anywhere.

<Environment name="spagobi_service_url" type="java.lang.String" value="http://IPaddress:8080/SpagoBI"/>

<Environment name="spagobi_host_url" type="java.lang.String" value="http://IPaddress:8080"/>

Step6: Start SpagoBI service

#cd ../bin




Step7: Access the url via browser


Step8: Configure SpagoBI to run in the startup

# crontab -e

@reboot /opt/SpagoBI-Server-5.0-16092014/bin/


That's all.....

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