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How to renew Ioncube Encoder license

Ioncube encoder is a tool to encode the php scripts. Some timw we will get an error message like "license expired" while ecncrypting php codes. In this case we need to reissue the ioncube encoder license.

For reissueing the license for ioncube encoder use the below steps.

Step1: Change the location to ioncube encoder install folder

# cd /usr/local/src/ioncube_encoder5_cerberus_8.3/

Step2: Re-issue license using the below command

# ./ioncube_encoder --acquire-license

If you get an error message about an unknown error after doing that then please do the following:

# ./ioncube_encoder --release-license

(Please ignore any error at this stage about the encoder not being licensed.)

Then follow that by again running:

# ./ioncube_encoder --acquire-license

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