How to enable chkservd monitoring for openfire service

Chkservd is a driver of Tailwatchd, which is the service in cPanel that checks to make sure that services are running and restarts them if necessary. It’s also responsible for the 'Service Manager' section in cPanel, which is an interface where added services can be easily checked on and off.

This article explains the steps to enable chkservd monitoring for openfire service.

Step1: Create a file '/etc/chkserv.d/openfire' and add the followinf lines.

service[openfire]=x,x,x,/etc/init.d/openfire restart,java-location,root

Here we need to replace 'java-location' with the correct path.

Step2: Add monitoring for openfire in chkservd configuration file '/etc/chkserv.d/chkservd.conf'.

Put this line alphabetically into the configuration file.


Step3: Restarted chkservd


That's all...

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