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How to handle email via Telnet

Telnet server is used to login into another system. You can use the telnet command to log in remotely to another system on your network. The system can be on your local area network or available through an Internet connection. Telnet operates as if you were logging in to another system from a remote terminal.

This article explains the details to operate an email account using telnet command.

Testing mail account

  • Open your command prompt.
  • Now, connect with telnet using the following command:
    telnet 110
  • Type USER
  • Type PASS password
    PASS password

Send email

  • Open your command prompt.
  • Now, connect with telnet using the following command:
    telnet 25
  • Type ehlo Some servers also accept helo in place of ehlo.
  • Type mail from:
    mail from:
  • Type rcpt to:, (replace with your actual recipient name):
    rcpt to:,
  • To write the message - type data, followed by your subject and message. To end the message, put a period on a line by itself and press enter:
    Subject: My Telnet Test Email
    This is an email sent by using the telnet command.
    Your friend,
  • Type quit to exit telnet.

Check or read email

  • Open your command prompt.
  • At the command prompt, type in
    telnet 110
  • Type user and the email address ( of the user for which you wish to view emails:
  • Then type in pass followed by your password:
    pass yourpasswordgoeshere
  • Type list to bring up a list of your emails:
  • You will see a list of items with labels like "1 897" and "2 5136." Here is an example:
    +OK POP3 clients that break here, they violate STD53.
    1 897
    2 5136
    3 1884
    4 2973
    5 2595
    6 3063
    7 3509
    8 2283
    9 1926
    10 2763
    11 1795
    12 2780
    13 2342
    14 2342
    15 2342
    16 3833
    17 2211
    18 793
    19 797
    20 2599
  • If you wish to read an email message such as 2 5136, you can type the following:
    retr 2
  • If you want to delete a message such as 1 897, type dele 1:
    dele 1
  • When you are done checking your email, type quit.

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