EC2 ProFTPD connections not working

Since EC2 instances are under the AWS security group, there might be some port restrictions. Also the instances are running over a private network and public connections happening through NAT. So we need to enable passive mode for ProFTPD service for the proper functioning.

Step1: Login to EC2 instance via ssh and switch to root user.

Step2: Open ProFTPD configuration file and append the following lines if not existing.

PassivePorts 60000 65535
RequireValidShell               on
ServerType                      standalone
DefaultRoot ~
MasqueradeAddress EC2-public-ip

Here we need to replace EC2-public-ip with the corresponding value.

Step3: Restart ProFTPD service.

#service proftpd restart

Step4: Allow incoming port range 60000-65535 in the security group which attached to this instance.

That's all…

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